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Guia de estudio para alumnos directos nivel uno

Estos son algunos verbos que tienes que estudiar para el midterm exam. Todos ellos son regulares, esto quiere decir que para conjugarlos en pasado solo tienes que aumentarles "ed" y ya. por ejemplo: accept-accepted.

infintive form simple form meaning
to accept accept aceptar
to answer answer responder
to ask ask preguntar
to call call llamar
to change change cambiar
to complete complete completar
to continue continue continuar
to correct correct corregir
to dance dance bailar
to explain explain explicar
to  finish finish terminar
to happend happend pasar, suceder
 to help help ayudar
to hope hope esperar(esperanza)
to imagine imagine imaginar
to interview interview entrevistar
to introduce
introduce presentar (a persona)
to learn learn aprender
to like like guatar
to listen listen escuchar
to live live vivir
to look at look at mirar
to look for look for buscar
to manage manage manejar, dirigir, administrar
to move move mover, mudarse de casa
to need need necesitar
to open open abrir
to order order ordenar
to organize organize organizar
to park park estacionarse
to pass pass pasar
to play play jugar
to practice practice practicar
to pronounce pronounce pronunciar

to return


volver, retornar
to share


to spell


to start


to stay


to stop


detenerse, parar
to study


to talk


to travel


to turn


dar vuelta, voltear

to type


escribir con teclado
to use


to visit


to walk


to want


to watch


observar, vigilar
to work



Te recomiendo que primero memorises todos los verbos irregulares.

Verbos irregulares.

Éstos verbos, para conjugarlos en pasado, pueden cambiar o no en su forma pero eso sí, nunca terminan con "ed"

Columna 1 Columna 2

Ch 1  functions

1.- Hello, my name is Mary Smith


  1. Hi, the weather is nice
  2. Hello, nice to see your well
  3. Pleased to meet you, I’m John Rogers

Ch 1  functions


a.      Where are you?

b.      Where are you from?

c.       What’s his nationality?

I ´m from Mexico

Ch 1  functions

3.- What’s his address?

1. it’s St Maryland 234

2. it´s Maryland st. 243

3. it´s 243 Maryland st.

Ch 2 functions


  1. What kind of pie you like?
  2. What kind of pie?
  3. What kind of pie would you like?

Lemmon pie, please


Ch 2 functions


  1. Yes sir, how many hamburgers would you like?
  2. Would you like hamburgers?
  3. There are hamburgers

Two, please

Ch 2  functions


What would you like for dinner?

  1. A pair of pants
  2. A ham and cheese sandwich
  3. Nothing, thanks

Ch 3 functions


  1. Where do you work?
  2. Do you work?
  3. Are you working?

I work at IBM

Ch 3  functions


What company does he work for?

  1. He works at Bimbo
  2. He works for Bimbo
  3. He’s working for Bimbo


Ch 3 functions


  1. What does he do?
  2. Does he do?
  3. What did he do?


He’s an engineer

Ch 4  functions


Can I help you?

  1. Yes, I’m looking
  2. Yes, I’m looking for some blue pants
  3. What size


Ch 4  functions


Which shoes would you like?

  1. The leather ones
  2. The leather one
  3. one

Ch 4  functions


How much are these earrings?

  1. They’re his
  2. They’re $ 20
  3. It’s $20

Ch 5  functions


  1. What’s it like?
  2. What’s the weather like?
  3. What does it look like?

It’s cold and windy

Ch 5  functions


When are they leaving?

  1. last week
  2. two days ago
  3. next week

Ch 5  functions


How are you going to Paris?

  1. on plane
  2. in plane
  3. by plane



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